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Tag: permanent residence permit

What is Digital Nomad Visa?

Aug 9, 2023
What is the digital nomad visa? The “Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa” Scheme allows nationals from non-EU and non-EEA countries, who can perform their work location-independently using telecommunications technology, to reside...

How do I get residency in Cyprus?

Jul 10, 2023
How do I get residency in Cyprus? There are different methods to acquire Cyprus residency for non EU applicants. All involve some type of investment which in all cases is...

Relocate your business to Cyprus via the Business Facilitation Unit.

Jul 8, 2023
Headquartering to Cyprus made easy. A company owned by Non EU nationals can relocate to Cyprus with a minimum investment of €200,000 euro. Cyprus has established a  “Business Facilitation Unit...

Residence permits for visitors in Cyprus – Visitor Residence Permit.

Jun 23, 2023
Non EU citizens have the right to reside in Cyprus for more than 3 months on a Visitor Residence Permit. The key requirement is to show that they have in...

Cyprus Startup Visa

Jul 26, 2022
1.Introduction The Scheme is valid from 1st June 2022 until 31st May 2024. The “Cyprus Startup Visa” Scheme allows talented entrepreneurs from third countries [outside the European Union (EU) and...