Permanent residency in Cyprus. Q&A Guide.

We have compiled this Q&A Guide about permanent residency applications to address questions usually  raised by clients. Updated 04/07/2017   1. Main differences between going through the Fast Track and the Slow Track The main differences are concerning the requirements for each way of obtaining the Permanent Residency and the time needed to complete each […]

Cyprus – The Real Return on Investment!

“Cyprus, a country that is exceptional for business and ideal for living!” Watch a promotional video prepared by the Public Information Office which summarizes in 3.30 minutes the virtues of Cyprus as a place to invest, live, work, relax and enjoy! Congratulations to everyone that contributed to this nice piece of work!.  

How to acquire a Cyprus Permanent Residence Permit.

  The government of Cyprus has put in place a fast-track procedure that allows investors from Non EU countries to obtain permanent residence in Cyprus. The basic requirement is to purchase residential property of €300,000 plus VAT In Cyprus. The examination period for the issuance of a Permanent Residence Permit by the Government is only 2 months. […]

Work and Residence Permits for Directors of Cypriot Companies

One of the routes of obtaining a residence and work permit in Cyprus is to establish and operate from Cyprus a international business company. In this article we codify the current requirements that need to be fulfilled. 1. CAPITAL INVESTMENT REQUIRED. The company should prove by banking and other documents that the direct foreign capital […]