What are the benefits of Cyprus Citizenship?

Possession of Cyprus citizenship offers a host of incomparable benefits that have no parallel in any other similar citizenship program of any other country. First and foremost Cyprus is a member of the European Union. Thus Cypriot citizenship is in essence European citizenship with all the associated benefits this entails. We outline the key advantages below: […]

Cyprus Citizenship by exemption. Threshold of investment lowered to 2mln euro.

On 13th of September, the Cyprus Council of Ministers has approved the amendments to the Scheme for Naturalisation of Investors in Cyprus by Exception. The Scheme is based  on subsection (2) of section 111A of the Civil Registry Laws of 2002-2015. The aim of the Government is to further attract foreign direct investment especially by high net […]

Introduction of a “special cases” category for granting Cypriot citizenship.

On  Friday 28th of March 2014 the Council of Ministers announced a change to the criteria by which Cypriot citizenship may be granted to foreign investors. The change is temporary and will be applicable till the 06th of June 2014. No excuse was given why the change will be in force for such a limited […]


For the background information on the topic please refer to the article Acquiring Cypriot Citizenship by Direct Investment. What is the applicable law? Law 141(Ι)/2002-2011 (sections 109-113 και 3rd schedule) Appendix “D” of the Treaty of Establishment of the Republic of Cyprus Ministerial Council Decision dated 10.10.2011 1.  Immediate Investments Investment Purchases of immovable property, or businesses/companies […]


The Council of Ministers has in recent years announced a policy according to which it will examine favourably applications for citizenship provided certain investment criteria are satisfied. The main pillars of this policy are: Direct Investments: The applicant should have direct investments in Cyprus of more than €25 million), i.e. land, offices, factories etc OR Entrepreneurial […]