Void Marriages under Cyprus Law.

void marriage

A void marriage is one where, although on the face of it, it appears as valid, yet due to a fundamental flaw it is not recognised in the law as valid. Thus a void marriage is one that in the eyes of the law has never existed.

The cases where a marriage is void are laid down in the Marriage Law of 2003 (Law 104(I)/2003).

They are as follows:

  1. The parties are within the prohibited degrees of family relationship, for example they are first cousins.
  2. At the time of the marriage either party was already lawfully married.
  3. The marriage is not valid under the provisions of the Marriage laws.

A marriage can be declared as void by the Family Court. The spouses or any  party that has interest may file an application to invalidate the marriage. If the application is successful then the marriage is declared as void ab initio  i.e. as if it has never taken place.

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