Litigation Services

One of the unique attributes of our law firm is that it offers both consultation and litigation support.  Our trial lawyers bring years of courtroom experience and impeccable reputation in Cyprus courts.

What helps our lawyers to meet the goals of our clients are the facts that we are acutely attuned to the client concerns, have an intimate knowledge of market conditions and closely follow legal developments.

Our litigation services cover a broad spectrum of legal issues:

Company and Corporate Law

  • shareholder’s disputes
  • derivative actions
  • minority shareholder claims and protection
  • board of directors conflicts
  • company management disputes


  • termination of employment
  • claims for unfair dismissal
  • advice on redundancy plans
  • regulation of the employment relationship

Family Law

  • divorce
  • matters of parental support
  • acknowledgement of paternity
  • adoption
  • property relations between spouses
  • separation from bed and board
  • cohabitation of spouses
  • matrimonial relations
  • any other family disputes

Administrative Law

  • instances where the government has taken/failed to take a decision in relation to licenses, duties or taxes
  • appointments, transfers or promotions of individuals working in the government, for a public corporation or municipality
  • cases when you file a public tender with a public authority which gets rejected

Debt Collection

  • communication with debtor on behalf of our client
  • sending notices of legal action
  • legal action and enforcement

Litigation Services Case Studies