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Christophoros Christophi (Lawyer)

Christophoros is the managing partner of Christophi & Associates. He has graduated Law Department of Leicester University, UK, with an LL.B (Hons) and LL.M in Labour Law and Industrial Relations. He was called to the Cyprus Bar in 1996. Christophoros specializes in Company and Commercial Law, Employment Law and Industrial Relations and has shown particular interest in European Law, Media Law, Information Technology Law, Internet Law and Intellectual Property Law.  In addition to being an active litigation lawyer, Christophoros also regularly lectures Company Law to professionals like lawyers, accountants and insurance brokers.

Christophoros Christophi CV


Christophoros Christophi (LL.B (Hons) and LL.M in Labour Law and Industrial Relations, University of Leicester) was called to the Cyprus Bar in 1996.

Professional Career.

He worked as a pupil advocate in Phoebus, Christos Clerides and N. Pirelides & Co from June 1996 till June 1997 and then as an Advocate till January 1998.

In February 1998 he accepted a job offer by Andreas Neocleous & Co to undertake the set up of the firm’s Nicosia office and be its Managing Attorney. He worked with Andreas Neocleous & Co for three years.

In June 2001 he founded Christophoros Christophi & Associates which in 2009 was renamed to Christophi & Associates LLC.

Academic Career.

Since 2010 he is a part-time lecturer teaching  Company Law and Business Law.

He taught at the European University and Neapolis Univesity

He also presents lectures  on Cyprus Company Law to lawyers, accountants, insurance brokers and tax professionals.


He specializes in Company and Commercial Law, Employment Law and Industrial Relations, Human Rights while he has shown particular interest in European Law, Media Law, Information Technology Law, Internet Law and Intellectual Property Law.


A major achievement in his litigation career was the successful handling of the Vrountou v. Republic case  (application no. 33631/06) before the European Court of Human Rights. The judgement was issued on 13/10/2015 after a 13 year legal battle and led to the recognition of human rights violations in the field of equal treatment and sex discrimination. Read more about the case here.

Other selected cases the Supreme Court of Cyprus that either created new precedent or marked a change in the way the law was applied before the judgement appear below.

Criminal Appeals 7279 & 7280, Lapertas v. Police. (2002) 2 CLR 335.
This was the first case to be heard by the Supreme Court of Cyprus on the matter of the constitutionality of a provision in the Stock Exchange Law that required public companies to submit a an application to enter the Stock Exchange market within a specified period of time. Panicos Lapertas was found guilty at first instance and imprisoned. On appeal, the Supreme Court of Cyprus, criminal division, accepted the appellant’s argument that the law was unconstitutional and quashed the conviction.

Civil Appeal 11/2005, Family Law Division, Damtsas v. Damtsas, 21/12/2006.
The Supreme Court, Family Division, overturned a judgment by the Family Court of Nicosia by which the applicant’s property differences petition was rejected on the grounds of lack of jurisdiction since she belonged in the Maronite community. The appellant argued successfully before the Supreme Court that the correct interpretation of the applicable law granted exclusive jurisdiction to hear property differences between the spouses irrespective of their community to the Family Court.

Civil Appeal 10235, E.G. Falekkos Ltd v. Reana Manufacturers Ltd, 13/03/2009. In this case the Supreme Court of Cyprus accepted E.G. Falekkos Ltd appeal, ruling that the title of a law suit may be amended after judgment is issued. The Supreme Court reversed previous ruling by the District Court establishing the principle that in appropriate cases the title of a law suit may be amended after judgment.

In the matter of Takis Vashiotis Ltd, Certiorari Application 119/98, (1999) 1 CLR 5. The Supreme Court of Cyprus accepted a certiorari application filed against the Industrial Disputes Court by which the latter refused to grant leave to appeal to the applicant company Takis Vashiotis Ltd.


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Company Law Presentations.

  • Business Forum In Hamburg And Frankfurt October 2009,
  • Cyprus – Slovakia Business Forum, November 2010.
  • Cyprus – Austria Business Forum, June 201.


Supreme Court’s Case Law Digest 1996-2000, published in January 2003.


In 2006 he wrote for the European Commission, Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities Directorate to prepare Cyprus’s report on the legal situation in cases of termination of employment. The report covers termination of employment, claims for unfair dismissal, advice on redundancy plans and generally all aspects pertaining to the regulation of the employment relationship. The report is now available at the European Commission’s website.

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Other Activities.

  • Member of the Disciplinary Committee of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus.