Employment Law

Cyprus Employment Law
Cyprus employment law is an amalgam of common law and statute law. Standard contract law principles principally govern employment relationships, statutory rights and obligations supplement them where appropriate.

The Termination of Employment Law
In Cyprus, the most important employment law related statute is the Termination of Employment Law, Law 14/67. This statute regulates termination of employment, the reasons that an employee may be dismissed and the remedies available to an unfairly dismissed employee.

Employment contracts
Cyprus employment law is based on contract law. As a result an employment contract is a form of contract, supplemented though by employment law principles.

Employment contracts are concluded freely between employers and employees. Any term agreed is valid provided that it does not contradict any law.

Basic employee rights are safeguarded by statute and may be summarized as follows:

  • a working week cannot exceed 48 hours, including overtime
  • parents are entitled to maternity and parental leave (20 weeks for maternity leave)
  • equal pay for equal work is safeguarded
  • minimum wage is guaranteed
  • dismissal from employment can take place for specific reasons.

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