Cyprus Companies FAQ

How do I register a Cyprus company?
How long does it take to establish a Cyprus company?
Where are you exactly located?
What Types of Fees to Expect when Buying a Cyprus Company?
What is the structure of a Cyprus company?
Do I have to open a bank account in Cyprus?
Do I need to come to Cyprus to register a company?
What documents need to be provided to register a company?
How Limited is "Limited Liability" in Cyprus?
Is there a minimum number of directors and shareholders for a Cyprus Company?
What is the minimum required share capital of a Cyprus Company?
Am I required to pay the company's share capital?
What are the statutory documents of a Cyprus company?
Who is the Registrar of Companies and What Role does it Play?
Who has the final word in deciding the affairs of the company, Directors or Shareholders?
Who are the nominees and what are they used for?
What are the typical obligations of a Cyprus company?