For the background information on the topic please refer to the article Acquiring Cypriot Citizenship by Direct Investment.

What is the applicable law?

  • Law 141(Ι)/2002-2011 (sections 109-113 και 3rd schedule)
  • Appendix “D” of the Treaty of Establishment of the Republic of Cyprus
  • Ministerial Council Decision dated 10.10.2011

1.  Immediate Investments

  • Investment

Purchases of immovable property, or businesses/companies or shares or financial assets (e.g. securities) worth at least €10.000.000

  • Documents of proof

Purchase contract document and ownership title

Confirmation by the Registrar of Companies for the shareholders

Shares titles

Asset titles

2. Business Activities

  • Investment

Owner of company/companies which during the three years prior to the year of submitting the application presents a turnover of at least €10.000.000 and

1/3 of the employees of the company (or companies) are Cypriot citizens

  • Documents of proof:

Certificate of registration of the company/companies

Certificate of the shares

Audited accounts

Confirmation from the Social Security department of Cyprus in relation to the requirement of Cypriot employees in the company.

3. Introduction of new innovative technologies, Research centres

  • Investment:

Large scale introduction of innovative technologies

Founding of significant research centre

  • Documents of proof:

Patent diploma

Any other document of proof

5. Bank deposits

  • Investment

Deposit or shareholder of a trust worth at least €15.000.000 specified time limit of five years

  • Documents of Proof:

Confirmation of Cypriot banks

6. Combination of immediate investments, entrepreneurial activity and deposits in Cypriot banks worth €15.000.000

  • Investment

Immediate investments: Purchases of immobile property, or businesses/companies or shares or financial assets (e.g. securities)

Entrepreneurial activity: Owner of company/companies and there is a satisfactory turnover in the previous three years prior to the year of submission of the application and 1/3 of employees of the company (or companies) are Cypriot citizens

Deposits: Deposits in Cypriot bank as per slide 5 above.

  • Documents of Proof

Purchase contract document/ Ownership title/ Confirmation from the Registrar of Companies/ Shares titles/ Asset titles

Audited Accounts/ Confirmation of Social Securities for the employees

Confirmation from Cypriot banks regarding deposits in bank

7. Immediate income/ service remuneration

  • Investment

Owner of company/companies with management in Cyprus and payment of at least €500.000 per year during the three years prior to the year of citizenship application as tax and/or as remuneration for the purchase of business services (e.g. legal, accounting, auditing, banking etc)

  • Documents of Proof

Receipts of tax payments or services

What are the other requirements that must be satisfied?

  • 30 years old or more
  • Clean criminal record
  • Not included in a list of people against whom there is a seizure order of property within the boundaries of the EU
  • Owns home in Cyprus worth at least €500,000

What is the procedure to be followed

  1. Submit Request to Ministry of Internal Affairs
  2. Send opinions to Ministry of Financial Affairs
  3. Submit Proposal/ Approval by Ministerial Council
  4. Issuing of Certificate of Naturalization

Citizenship to family members

Minor children

Submit application M126 to Department of Population Archives and Immigration

Wife and economically dependent adult children

Submit application to Ministry of Internal Affairs

In what cases may Cypriot citizenship be cancelled?


  • Removal of 5 year fixed deposits in bank
  • Use of fraud, false pretenses or concealment of essential facts
  • Lack of mental capacity
  • Conviction to a prison sentence of one year or more.
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