Registration of Yachts and other pleasure vessels in Cyprus.

Cyprus’ geographic location is possibly one of the most strategically important locations in the world, as it lies at the gateway of Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Therefore, Cyprus is a center where shipowners and investors from all over the world are able to carry on business in a harmonious and friendly environment. […]

Permanent residency in Cyprus. Q&A Guide.

We have compiled this Q&A Guide about permanent residency applications to address questions usually  raised by clients. Updated 04/07/2017   1. Main differences between going through the Fast Track and the Slow Track The main differences are concerning the requirements for each way of obtaining the Permanent Residency and the time needed to complete each […]

Enforcing EU rights in Cyprus

  The question often arises: How can a Cypriot citizen enforce rights stemming from European Union law in Cyprus? There are a number of ways that EU law can be invoked in the national legal system. One answer to the above question is the application for a preliminary ruling before the  Court of Justice of the […]