Appointment of new Governor of the Central Bank of Cyprus

Mrs Chrystalla Yiorkadji, Auditor General, is the new Central Bank of Governor. Her appointment, effective as from the 11th of April 2014,  was announced today following the resignation of the current Governor Panicos Demetriades.

Mr. Demetriades resigned yesterday after two years in office and returns to his economics professorship in Leicester University UK.

Mrs Yiorkadji who had a successful tenure as Auditor General is the first woman to take up the post of the Governor of the Central Bank of Cyprus.

Mrs Yiorkadji will henceforth have the difficult task to oversee the austerity measures imposed by the ‘troika’ of international lenders (ECB, IMF, European Commission) and ensure fiscal policy is in line with plans of recovery, exit from the recession, return to growth and bring down unemployment.

Appointment of new Governor of the Central Bank of Cyprus by
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